Spunwell have latest Machines of Sulzer (now ITEMA) in Projectile Technology with the likes of P7250, P7200, P7150 and P7100. Spunwell have 70 Looms running with an installed capacity of producing 5.75 lakhs mtrs per month.

All Machines are equipped with:-

Staubli Electronic Dobby 2665

Four Weft Feeders

Electronic Name Jaquards

16 Wider Width Machines. (143”/130”)

54 Narrow Width Machines. (85”/73”)

The above features makes them the most versatile in terms of making any fabric. It may be Suitings, Shirtings, Linen, Lycra and even Technical Textile Fabric.


Separate Raw Material Godown (Over 15000 Sq Ft)

Separate Prepratory Godown (Over 11000 Sq Ft)

Separate Looms Shade (Over 17000 Sq Ft)

Separate Dispatch Godown (Over 5500 Sq Ft)

Accommodation Facilities For Labour and Staff